Exciting News - Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class Starting in April

Empowering, fun, self-defense for kids

Starts April 11th

Tues & Thurs - 4p to 4:45p

Ages 7 to 12


Many have requested this, and now we are making it happen!!! 

Introduce your kids to the best self-defense system for their ages. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu works with a child's natural abilities, and tendencies to grapple. It teaches them to use leverage and technique to overcome bigger opponents.

Kids will enjoy learning to sweep, roll, and perform amazing moves with their friends, while gaining confidence and strength.

Little Mantis



Grand Dragon Members - $50/child


We want to welcome Thomas McNair to our team of instructors. Many of you know him and have trained with him here for the past few years in Mantis Boxing, Kickboxing, and BJJ.

Thomas works in Human Services, and spends his life helping others who are in need. He has a level of patience and acceptance that is highly commendable.

Thomas is super friendly and welcoming to all newcomers. He has a knack for communicating and engaging with the younger audience in our school. He will make an excellent addition to the team, and I know the kids will thoroughly enjoy working with him.