Mantis Combat Systems

Welcome to our Mantis Combat Systems page. MCS is our unique, and highly effective series of self-defense training courses. We model these courses around real world situations, show you how to solve the problem, and test it to make sure you are able to SUCCEED!

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We offer the following simple, highly effective self-defense courses at high schools, colleges, or work environments, in addition to on-site at our facility. Contact us to discuss scheduling your Self-Defense training event.

Primary Courses


Feel empowered and capable of defending yourself with easy to remember self-defense techniques and movements. Learn how to protect yourself from the most common types of attacks on the street.


Succeed when a stronger, heavier attacker has you pinned on the ground. Use physics and leverage to control the situation so you can defend yourself and escape.


Learning to defend yourself on campus, on public transportation, or on a date, is just as important as the street. Setting boundaries is sometimes the hardest thing for young people to do. Gain the courage to stand your ground and make "no" mean "NO!" This course teaches you how to assess different situations (public harassment, unruly dates, etc.). Avoid problems before they start.


Cement all the pieces together - the most crucial training you can get. You'll have the opportunity to use your new skills in a variety of scenarios. Leave the course feeling empowered and confident.

Additional Courses


You learned to defend yourself against a single attacker, now learn the strategies and tactics to increase your odds of survival and escape against multiple attackers. Prerequisites: Core Self-Defense, Ground Self-Defense, Scenario Training.


Effectively and confidently confiscate a gun from an assailant. Simple, easy to apply; meaning you will remember them if you ever need them. This is an invaluable self-defense skill to have.