How do Belt Promotions Work?

Belt Ceremonies



Is this your first belt ceremony? For more information on what this entails, please read the following: 

  1. What is a Belt Ceremony? 
    This is a special event I hold 2x per year to recognize those of you ready for advancement to the next rank. One event is held in the summer, and one at the end of the year. 

  2. What do we do at a Belt Ceremony?
    I will either teach a special workshop, or bring in a visiting guest instructor to share their knowledge with all of you. Upper belts help lower belts, Black Belts are there for you to ask questions. At the end of training, I award those ready for promotion with their next rank. It is a great time.
  3. Is there a test?
    No. In the adult classes I do not perform tests. I am sparring and working with each of you regularly. I know when you are ready for your next rank.
  4. Is there a belt fee?
    No. I do not charge people for belts. When I award you a belt, it is a reward/recognition for your efforts and advancement in skills. 
  5. What do I wear?
    This is a formal event. Clean uniform/belt are required. If you do both Stand-Up, and Ground, bring both sets of attire, and both of your belts with you.
  6. How do I know if I am being promoted?
    Come to the belt ceremony and you will find out. If it is your time, you will be promoted. If you do not get promoted, keep working hard and your time will come. Be happy you were there to see your peers getting recognized; some day it will be you.

    It is important to be there supporting your teammates regardless of whether or not you are getting promoted. I look at it this way - 'do you want to be standing in an empty room some day when getting your Black Belt?' These are the only times of the year that you will be awarded rank, barring extreme circumstances. 

This is a special day that brings us together to support one another and recognize our growing skills and achievements. Thank you for participation.

Randy Brown

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