Pluck (Cǎi 採) - 3 of 12 - The Keywords of Mantis Boxing

Pluck (Cǎi 採) is the third of the 12 keywords of Mantis Boxing. The keyword formula houses the principles that define the art. They have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

With Pluck (Cǎi 採), a short sharp pull down, or powerful snap, we can feed our adversary into a disadvantaged position. Commonly used after Mantis Catches Cicada, and White Ape Invites Guest.

Pluck initiates from hook or the grapple. It is an integral component to setting up many takedowns, headlocks, chokes, and strikes found in Mantis Boxing. 

Pluck is used in conjunction with the neck hook, double neck hook, wrist, and double arm hook.

Randy Brown

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