ADHERE (Tiē 貼) - 11 of 12 - The Keywords of Mantis Boxing

Adhere (Tiē 貼) - space management. Creating space when on the defense, and removing space from our opponent when on the offensive. If you want to reduce the level of control an enemy has on you - framing them, slipping the hooks, and increasing distance can help keep you from getting toppled.

On the inverse, when attacking the opponent, removing their space allows for greater control and openings for the takedown. Managing range becomes a crucial element in a fight. One of the most important.

If someone stretches back increasing space, and we’re still trying to keep our hooks in, we can get destroyed as we allowed openings and space for strikes. We have to change gears and switch back to striking, or even kicking if the range increases too much. If an opponent pushes off, or backs up, we follow them to stay adhered.

Position before submission

It’s important to recognize the saying - “position before submission”. We do not want to become so focused on striking, that we give up our position in the process. Being methodical, and taking attacks of opportunity, rather than trying to force the strike, allows for us to have a higher probability of staying dominant vs. defensive.

When adhering to our adversary, we should secure our position first before attempting to strike. Throwing a punch, elbow, knee, or applying a takedown, or throw without proper position first, will surely end in our own demise.

Randy Brown

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