New Year - New Beginnings

Greetings All,

As we head into the new year, I have some changes to announce, and some personal reflections, and internal thoughts to share with you. Back in 2008, I formed a Kickboxing program within my school.

I never set out to run a Kickboxing facility, but the area we are in was sorely lacking qualified expertise in this area. Many fitness Kickboxing programs were being offered by people who had never trained, fought, or even hit a bag. Some even went to weekend certification courses to get ‘qualified’. 

I thought I could offer my experience and knowledge to help the community with learning Kickboxing as a fitness focus, without the dangers of getting injured by throwing kicks/punches improperly. I threw my hat in the ring and started a program.

As time passed, we grew into a bigger program, and in fall of 2010 the program took another leap forward with our high-intensity, mission-oriented, Workouts of the Day. This program and the workouts within, have continued to evolve and get better over time, and I have thoroughly enjoyed them. As a matter of fact, I have never found any ‘exercise’ regimen as entertaining and rewarding as these workouts; why I have continued to share them with all of you for over 8 years. 

I know I am not alone in this. Holly and Bruce are still going at it, and they were doing these workouts with me in closed sessions 8 years ago, before we had a day class. Some of you, have been doing these almost as long. The strength, cardio, and overall fitness level achieved by so many of you in this program, is absolutely amazing. It makes the efforts put behind this program a true gold mine. Watching your progress has brought many smiles to my face.

With that said - it has been a year of deep reflection on this program. As previously stated, I never set out to run a Kickboxing gym. My dream was to share Mantis Boxing with as many people as possible, and later that grew to include another martial art focused on the ground combat - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Yet, over the past 8 years, more and more of my class schedule has been allocated to the Boxing/Kickboxing Workout program. To the point that, prime time slots in the evening are being taken away from my core programs. My dream programs. My passion.

Since we started this program 10 years ago, things have changed drastically in the area. We’ve seen the rise of Cross-Fit. We have seen the coming of the fitness boutique - the single focused fitness center that has one, and only one type of training. Schedules available all hours on a single focus, making it easier than ever for people to try new things, and get to a class they like.

Additionally, there are now fitness centers solely focused on Boxing, and Kickboxing workouts. Some even offer 30 minute convenience workouts for a quick in-and-out. These facilities offer no technical training, but can give people far more class availability, quicker turnaround times, and it is far simpler, and easier to train coaches.

The market has changed to say the least, and I need to change with it. It is time for me to go back to focusing on what I love the most. Where I can provide a deeper, better service; with more classes available to you in those areas. Providing increased focus and attention to all of you who wish to train Mantis Boxing and BJJ; men, women, and children alike. 

While I will continue to do these workouts myself, and offer limited slots for you to train alongside Holly or I - it is time for a hard change. So, beginning in 2019, I will be rolling out a new schedule that returns us to central equilibrium. Back to the reason Bruce and I started this school to begin with in 2004. To empower people, to teach martial arts like Mantis Boxing and BJJ, that also bring about amazing, personal transformations. 

As you will see with the new schedule, Holly, and myself will be running private workouts during morning and noon throughout the week. So those of you who are attending those classes regularly with dedication, and commitment, can still continue to count on those being there as normal. Those classes seem quite popular, and those are the times we do our own training and conditioning so feel free to join us. Evening WODs are permanently cancelled.

The remaining workout sessions are invitation only, and no longer open to the public. If you have been coming to these classes, or you train with me in other classes and would like to attend, please ask and I am more than happy to include you. I look forward to it!

I am hopeful some of you will take a leap of faith and try the other programs I offer; to see for yourself how great they are, and how much value they can bring to your lives. But that is a step for you to take, I can only guide you once you take the initial step. You’ll definitely get a workout in those classes, and you’ll learn amazing arts that can help keep you safe.

I know you will understand and roll with the punches. You’re an amazing group of people. Thank you all for your continued support over the years. Because of you, I am able to follow my dream and teach martial arts for a living. Thank you.


Randy Brown

MISSION - To empower you through real martial arts training. Provide you a welcoming atmosphere to train in a safe manner with good people that you can trust.