1000 Subs - Thank you!


Thank you everyone who has helped encourage the growth of our YouTube channel. You are amazing and we are humbled by your support!

Special shout out to our Mantis friend in Brazil (Aves P.) who has been translating our videos into Portuguese with his own free time; making it easier for others to benefit from our work. Thanks for joining our team! You rock!

Thanks to our stunt team (Holly, Vincent, Thomas, Allen, Chris, Max) who are always there to help me with these videos and take some abuse for everyone's benefit. Special thanks to Max for all of his camera work, editing,  laughs, and Directorial Harassment when he is behind the camera filming. ;-)

We started this channel to document Mantis Boxing for the survival into future generations. To build awareness of an obscure Chinese Martial Art that is becoming close to extinction. Thank you all for your help in making this happen and supporting our efforts in revitalizing the art!

Since we started, our goals have evolved into showing more of how we are using the art, sharing some of the art of BJJ that I have grown to love as well, and providing content to help more beginners get started in the art of Mantis Boxing.

As we move forward, we hope to offer more and more content focused around techniques (for beginner's to advanced), strength & conditioning, nutrition/eating for training, that can help all of you.

Our commitment continues in creating a positive representation of the art, whether through attitude and mutual respect for others, or training/showing Mantis Boxing techniques that can stand up in the fighting arenas of old and new.

Keep those likes, comments, shares coming. It all helps. Thank you again for your support! 

Randy Brown

MISSION - To empower you through real martial arts training. Provide you a welcoming atmosphere to train in a safe manner with good people that you can trust.