Best Exercise to Improve Cardio - The Double Under - Mantis Boxing

Looking to improve your cardio on and off the mats? This is one of the best exercises for increasing your cardio. The Jump Rope is a phenomenal tool for this, but getting to the Double Under ramps it up to a whole new level.

If you are competing, or looking to get more steam while sparring/rolling, I highly recommend this exercise.

In this video, I'll show you some tips for how to hold the jump rope, the type of rope that's best for Double Unders, things to avoid, proper positioning, and some insight into the rythms and patterns I used to get my double unders.

I use this in many of my Mantis Boxing Daily Workouts. This is one of my favorite workout tools/stations. It ups the cardio in an extreme manor, in a very condensed period of time.



Get your own jump rope here:
Speed Rope 


Position (00:37) -

Tip to Getting Your Doubles (1:49) -

Breathe!!! (2:32) -

Save Your Shoulders (2:59) -

How to Count (3:51) -


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