The Russian Twist - 1 of my Favorite Core Strengthening Exercises for Mantis Boxing and BJJ

This is by far one of my favorite exercises for building core strength. When we're boxing, grappling, we use our core constantly to twist. In boxing, it is to assist in power generation in a punch. In grappling, it is to throw someone, maneuver on the ground, or twist our way through an escape. 

Transverse core rotation is a term thrown around a bit, and in Mantis Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we do a ton of that! The Russian Twist is a low tech exercise to do at home, or add to your gym routine, and can help us with rotational strength. You simply need a medicine ball, or a dumb bell and off we go. 

There are a variety of ways to do this exercise, and in this video I'll show you the way I like, and that Black Belt Holly Cyr helped refine. We try to completely isolate lower body movement with leg position, and specific movement patterns. 

Check out the video and give it a go! If you do my Mantis Boxing WOD's, dive into this and use it to help you in class...we do a lot of them!!! ;-)


Equipment List:

Medicine Ball
Dumb Bell

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Randy Brown

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