Whipping Fist

The Whipping Fist is not a power punch like a right cross, a scraping fist, or Hook Punch, but it is quite effective for it's intended use. Which is...? Attacking the groin. That is it's only target. Try to use it any other way, and you'll find it quite anemic.

The punch swivels from the elbow and comes up underneath the opponents guard. It is difficult to see, and block. The key to using the Whipping Fist effectively, is keeping the arm relaxed, and using speed rather than trying to add strength.

It's an excellent addition to a striking combination that focuses on Changing Levels and Varying Targets.

Here are some tips along with pads drills, and bag drills later in the video for practicing the scraping fist on your own, or with a partner.

1:03 - Technique
2:55 - Pad Drills for Focus Mitt, Thai Pad training
4:37 - Bag Drills for Punching Bags


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Randy Brown

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