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Self-Defense Training

Self-Defense Training - no time to study a fighting system for years but want the benefits of self-protection? These components from Mantis Boxing are streamlined for quick, effective training that can give you life saving skills in hours.

  • Core Defense - Get empowered and capable of defending yourself with easy to remember self-defense techniques and movements. Learn how to protect yourself from the most common types of attacks on the street.
  • Ground Defense - Succeed when a stronger, heavier attacker has you pinned on the ground. Use physics and leverage to control the situation so you can defend yourself and succeed.
  • Scenarios Training - A variety of scenarios pitted against our padded aggressors to see if you can get out and win the day.
  • Firearm Defense - Some of the best methods to effectively disarm an armed attacker. Pistol and long gun techniques included.


  • Striking - focused sessions on the Striking of Mantis Boxing. Includes concepts, principles, and the training I use to improve your power, speed, and striking potential.
  • Kicking - capitalize on not only the power of the legs, but using them in conjunction with the hands to maximize your effectiveness. Learn the unique kicks found in Mantis Boxing that can devastate an opponent, how to generate more force, and our kicking principles to help you use them effectively. 
  • Basic Footwork Training - mobility, stability, and structure are a crucial component of Mantis Boxing. Learn the basic footwork, drills, training methods to improve your angles of attack/defense, and your functional movement.
  • Blocking - having amazing strikes is definitely a benefit in combative arts, but if we can't block that incoming punch, our game plan is lacking in a big way. Learn a simple, and highly effective blocking system that can keep pace with the modern fighting systems of the world.
  • Ground Defense - sometimes we end up on the ground. Without spending years studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there are principles and skills you can learn to keep you safe while on the ground, and how and when to get back to your feet.
  • Hook, Clinch, Pluck - the three preliminary keywords of Mantis Boxing. Learn how to use the mantis hook, and get to the clinch where you can gain control of your opponent. The pluck comes next to setup some amazing takedowns, and submissions. This is a must have workshop for anyone interested in using the amazing grappling component of Mantis Boxing.
  • Basic Takedowns - four simple takedowns that can help you get an opponent to the ground. Train the Mantis Boxing Single/Double's, Anchor Drop, and Crashing Tide.


  • Mantis Catches Cicada - The Nexus
  • Rear Clinch Escapes
  • Monkey Steals Peach In-Depth
  • Adv. Footwork - to countering with strikes, and throws
  • Bridging - Basic, Advanced
  • Tiger Tail Throw In-Depth
  • Unhooking - Clinch Escapes
  • Takedown Defense
  • White Ape Invites Guest, White Ape Dismisses Bhuddha
  • White Ape Falls in Hole, Countering the White Ape, Tiger Tail Kick
  • Single Whip / Needle to Sea Bottom
  • Southpaw & The Crazy Ghost Fist
  • Dismantling the Underhooks
  • Fighting from the Flank Position
  • Defending Against Kicks
  • Reaps & Leg Hooks
  • Chokes and Locks
  • Head Lock Escapes
  • 12 Diagnostic Tools to Improve Fighting Skills
  • Elbows & Knees - Elbow/Joint Lock Drill