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Mantis Boxing - Striking

  • Randy Brown Mantis Boxing 930 Main Street Acton, MA, 01720 United States (map)

This phase is focused on striking from the ground up. Fists and hands, power development, body mechanics, and lots of target practice.

5 Fists

The 5 main punches from Mantis Boxing. Learn how to properly execute them, and maximize power in your striking using proper body mechanics, heavy bags, padwork, and partner drills to increase your skill, power, and speed.

  • Beng Quan - Crushing Fist

  • Pao Quan - Cannon Fist

  • Pi Quan - Chopping Fist

  • Heng Quan - Horizontal Fist

  • Zuan Quan - Drilling Fist

4 Hands

Punches are excellent tools for blunt force striking versus soft body targets. Hands are better suited for the head.

  • Thrust Palm

  • Ear Claw

  • White Snake Spits Tongue

  • Monkey Steals Peach

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