Kids Mantis Boxing


Hook and Grapple like a Mantis! Awesome martial art that covers how to punch, and kick; and grapple just like the amazing Praying Mantis. Train with pads, heavy bags, and friends/partners to gain Mantis Boxing skills.

Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Swim like a shark! The ground is your ocean. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has fun and amazing techniques that can change our life and make us strong inside and out. Sweeps, submissions, takedowns, galore.

Sessions run September through June. No kids classes during July/August. See our Camp Schedule.

Articles of Interest for Parents:

Keywords for my Kids Classes

  • Structure

  • Mutual Respect

  • Teamwork

  • Creativity

  • Freedom of Expression


For the Parents

How I teach

When I was a child, I really wanted to train martial arts. It embodied everything I sought as a small person in this great big world - confidence, skills, strength, and the ability to equalize the playing field when I was bullied, or outmatched by someone's size.

If I wanted these things, I'm sure there are kids out there today that want the same things. So I ask myself when I look around at kids martial arts classes all over the nation - "Why are kids playing dodge ball, tag, chased with pool noodles in martial arts classes?" "Why aren't children learning real skills that can help them get stronger, build character, confidence, and self-worth?" 

"Are we as instructors providing a real service to the youth in our communities, or just offering afterschool care with costumes?"

My classes have structure, respect, and discipline, not because these are cool industry catchphrases for parents to sign their kids up for my class, but rather, because these are necessary tenets to build a framework for a safe training environment. An environment where real skills are being taught, but with the mutual respect and self-control to keep one another safe.

I treat kids with respect, and trust them with powerful knowledge. I appreciate how intelligent they are even at a young age. My classes have guided lessons, and instructor assistance, but because I believe they should have the freedom to express themselves, create, and help one another grow, they are provided time to work with one another solving problems.

If this sounds like a good environment, and what you would like your child to be involved in, then I am happy to have them among the ranks of my academy and look forward to meeting you.

Thank you.

Randy Brown
Head Instructor