Training Method

Curious to learn more about how you will train? What you will be learning? Below is an overview of my Mantis Boxing system, and how I will teach and train you.

When you begin your training, you will join the group and train as a team at the current point in the training cycle. You will be part of an amazing group, and benefit from the experience of those who have been training longer. This vastly increases the pace you learn at. 

I structure my classes and techniques by starting simple, and increasing complexity as we go. In my experience, advanced concepts can be simplified for anyone to learn. Couple this with repetition over the course of a month, and it allows you to capture a better understanding of the art, and gain skills.

Once complete, the cycle begins anew; constantly repeating and reinforcing your skills. A majority of the material focused on in a particular phase, will show up in other phases under different circumstances; providing you with more exposure to each technique.

Order from Chaos - R.Brown, charcoal - 2008

Fundamentals Cycle

The single most productive area of focus that can influence our capabilities, is fundamentals training. Unlike some approaches, where you learn a task and then leave it behind, in my training system we are always refining these fundamental skills.



The Technical Cycle is where we explore the elements that will define our art. Looking beyond the fundamentals to explore the depth and detail of fascinating techniques.

As you traverse this cycle, you will be exposed to my Mantis Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques. This encompasses counters, positions, escapes, takedowns, and more.

Each topic branching out into a series of counters, and checks, and crossing over with other techniques you have encountered, helping to solidify those skills, and connect the dots.

Mantis Boxing


Mantis Catches Cicada
Rear Clinch Escapes
Monkey Steals Peach In-Depth
Adv. Footwork
Bridging Tactics
Tiger Tail Throw In-Depth
Unhooking - Clinch Escapes
Takedown Defense
White Ape Invites Guest
White Ape Falls in Hole
Single Whip / Needle to Sea Bottom
Southpaw & The Crazy Ghost Fist
Dismantle the Underhooks
Fighting from the Flank Position
Defending Against Kicks
Reaps & Leg Hooks
Chokes and Locks
Head Lock Escapes (front, side, rear)
12 Diagnostic Tools to Improve Fighting
Elbows & Knees


Basic Footwork
Technical Get-Ups / Ground Defense
How To Hook/Clinch
Basic Takedowns

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


The Destructive Arm Bar
Spider Guard
Leg Lasso
De La Riva Guard/Sweeps
Mount/High Mount Attacks
Reverse Mount Attacks
Side Control Attacks
Half-Guard Escapes/Attacks
Pluck and Drag - Collar Drags & Loop Chokes
Butterfly Guard
Attacking the Turtle
Closing the Guantlet


Mount Escapes
Side Control Escapes
Reverse Mount Escapes
Basic Closed Guard Attacks
Basic Sweeps
Guard Passing 101
Standing Guard Passes