Episode 10 - Patting Horses, Scout Hands, and Answering Longtime Questions...


Go behind the curtain in this episode as I discuss my recent (2018) discovery of the application/intent behind a move that haunted me from years - High Pat on Horse. This is from Yang style Tai Chi, or Taijiquan, or Yang’s Cotton Boxing, and quite possibly/most likely, existed back in the Ming dynasty, as evidenced by General Qi’s manual. That will be later in the podcast, and I’ll also discuss who was General Qi, the new field of academia in martial arts, and author Dr. Peter Lorge’s book - ‘Chinese Martial Arts from Antiquity to the Twenty-First Century’.


  • Peter Lorge for the information on Qi Jiguang and his manual revisions, details, etc.

  • Douglas Wile and his book Tai Chi Ancestors for the drawings/translations of General Qi’s manual.

  • https://www.chineselongsword.com - for another translation/copy of General Qi’s manual on unarmed combat.

Randy Brown

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