The 12 Keywords of Mantis Boxing

The 12 Keywords

  1. Hook (Gōu 勾)
  2. Grapple (Lǒu 摟)
  3. Pluck (Cǎi 採)
  4. Connect (Zhan 粘)
  5. Stick (Nián 黏)
  6. Hang (Guà 掛)
  7. Wicked (Diāo 刁)
  8. Enter (Jìn 進)
  9. Crush (Beng 崩)
  10. Strike (Da 打)
  11. Adhere (Tiē 貼)
  12. Lean (Kao 靠)

The 12 Keywords of Mantis Boxing have been handed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

They are the keystones of this stand-up grappling art originating in Northern China.

Keywords are a series of principles that previous boxers held to be important facets of the art that defined it as Praying Mantis Boxing (Tángláng Quán 螳螂拳).