Kids Immersion Camp - Summer 2019

Dive deep into your martial arts for one week of awesome training over the summer of 2019!!! The first camp of its kind that is designed just for you.

Watch your skills ‘rocket off of this world’ in a concentrated training environment surrounded by teammates and friends, new and old.

Train with one another to learn, improve, and grow your skills like you’ve never seen before. In between training blocks, play challenge games that include capture/hunt & stealth/evasion. Woodland exploration. Learn archery, staff fighting and more.

Mantis Kickboxing Camp (AB Girls Basketball Team)

Mantis Kickboxing Camp (AB Girls Basketball Team)

Kickboxing Camp for Acton Boxborough Girls Basketball Team - challenging, fun, objective based high intensity workouts to increase power/speed, strength/conditioning, plyometrics, and cardio endurance. Functional fitness training that will give positive results in off the line speed, improved jump height, agility on the court, and higher endurance levels throughout the game.