Mantis Clinch Counters with Sensei Ando @ Happy Life Martial Arts

We had the honor of visiting with Ando from Happy Life Martial Arts in Los Angeles this past weekend. Aside from the great hospitality and amazing company, we had some time for a quick tour of his stomping grounds, as well as shooting a video or two.

In this video Ando suffers through some neck puncturing on my behalf (and a possible stab wound) so we can cover some of the clinch escapes that don’t work all the time, along with some more reliable ones that I prefer. Thanks for watching!

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Getting caught in a collar tie or Muay Thai clinch can be BIG trouble. In this video, Sifu Randy Brown shares two clinch escapes that he likes... and two that he doesn't. ► Leg Scissors Tips with Coach Holly: ► Randy Brown's YouTube: ► Randy Brown's website: THANKS FOR WATCHING!

Randy Brown

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